Travel and Concession Cards

Can I get free travel?

For young children

Children under the age of 5 travel for free

For students

Generally, WA does offer free travel services for students. They only offer concession rates. However, you may be able to take benefit of free-of-charges service offered by the Public Transport Authority where there are contract school bus services.

This service is not open to the public and used for the basic purpose of support educational facilities to transport students to and from school.  Only students who are approved by the School Bus Services can travel on them.

When can I get a concession card?

If you are a primary school student, you are entitled purchase 50 cents concession fare on any bus, ferry, trains and regional bus in WA by using their Student SmartRider. This is also the same for secondary school students who travels with a Student SmartRider. 

Student SmartRiders must be presented as proof of concession entitlement on all Transperth, Transwa and regional town bus services. To obtain a Student SmartRider card, you must apply for them. The process is different for participating and non-participating schools.

For details on applications, go to:

Full-time tertiary students are also entitled to concession travels with Transperth, regional bus and Transwa services with their Tertiary-encoded SmartRider card. The card must accompany you on all your travels. Again, to be obtain these SmartRider cards, the process differs between participating and non-participating institutions. 

What tickets do I need to get for school and non school travel?

For school travel:

o  You are entitled to use your 50 cent travel offer using your Student SmartRider card:

§  Between Monday to Friday, from the first and last gazetted school days,

§  during mid-year school term holidays; and

§  any public holiday which falls between the Monday and Friday during the school year.

The offer does not apply to cash payments.

o  Normal concession fares also apply outside the above periods i.e. weekends and during the summer school holiday period.

o  50 cent student fare is not available to tertiary students.

·  For non-school travel:

o  Primary and Secondary school students may purchase tickets at a concession rate (50% discount) for non-school travels. Tickets may be bought through cash payments or by purchasing a SmartRider card. If you are purchasing cash tickets, you may be required to show your concession entitlements ID when requested. Using a SmartRider card entitles to a further 15-25% discount from the concession rate and it will also suffice as proof of your concessional entitlements.

o  Tertiary students must purchase Tertiary-encoded SmartRider card to be able to receive concessional fare. Your student ID alone does not suffice as proof of your concessional entitlements. You must carry your SmartRider card with you at all times whilst travelling. Failure to do so may result in a fine.

Railway Police Officers have the authority to:

·  Ask passengers for their name and address, and identification

·  Detain passengers until such information is obtained

·  Detain a passenger who refuses to cooperate.  The police also may become involved.

·  Search you or your possessions (as long as there is good reason)

Where can I go to make complaints?

Complaints can be made through the PTA Comment Line on 131608.

Travelling with a valid ticket

If you are caught travelling without a valid ticket or valid concession card, you may be issued with a fine. 

If you wish to challenge the infringement notice, you can send a letter of appeal to:

Manager of Security and Customer Service
PO Box 383
Northbridge, WA, 6865

If this appeal is unsuccessful and you wish to take the matter further you can contact an ombudsman, youth worker or take the matter to court.

This page last updated November 2009

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