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Hi my name is Laura, I’m 18 and live in Perth. I got a trial in a Lebanese café, I got a trial shift from 7am-5pm. She refused to give me a contract and refused to pay me for my trial.



Dear Laura,
Your employer should of paid you for your trial. [1] We have provided some links to information about ways to go about receiving your pay.

  • You can make a complaint about unpaid wages

You can write to your employer saying that unless she pays you, you will make a complaint to The Department of Commerce, Western Australia.

  • Wageline

You can call Wageline for more information about making a complaint about pay and conditions - 1300 655 266

  • Contact a community legal centre

You can also contact the Employment Law Centre of WA for free advice on your situation.
Telephone Advice Line: 1300 130 956 or (08) 9227 0111

**We note that in Western Australia, a person has six years to make a complaint about unpaid wages. But if you wish to take any action about your dismissal, shorter time limits may apply. These may be as short as 21 days from the date you were dismissed. It is important that you seek further legal advice on these matters as soon as possible.**


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