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Credit transfers between friends

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If you have a pre-paid mobile account, some phone companies offer services which allow you to top up a friend or family member’s pre-paid mobile phone account. For example, Telstra has the service, CreditMe2U and Optus has the service, OptusMe2U. You can use these services if you and your friend or family member both have accounts with the same phone company. CreditMe2U and OptusMe2U can also be used to keep track of your past bills so you know about how much you’re spending each month.

I have a Post-Paid mobile. Will I be charged in the same way as a Pre-Paid mobile?

No. The credit you transfer will NOT be coming out of your included value but will instead be added on top of your monthly payments. For Pre-Paid mobile users, the amount of credit you choose to transfer comes out of the credit you recharged onto your phone.

Will it cost me anything to use the service?

Some credit sharing services charge a fee and others provide the service free of charge. It is important to check for any charges before you share credit.

What if I’ve sent the credit to the wrong number? Can I cancel it?

No. Once a transfer has been processed or confirmed, you will not be able to cancel or reverse the transfer.

How long does it take for a transfer to be processed?

Transfers may take up to one hour to come through.

When does the credit I transferred to my friend expire?

  • If you’re using Telstra’s CreditMe2U credit expires after 14 days.
  • If you’re using OptusMe2U: credit expires on the same day your friend or family member’s own credit expires.

Are there any limits as to how much I can transfer?

There are minimum and maximum limits as to the amount that can be transferred.

Will my friend receive any of the bonuses he/she normally gets with the transferred credit?

No. You can’t transfer bonuses such as free call minutes.

  • For more information, check out your phone company’s website. Remember, transferring credit costs you money so make sure you can afford it before you transfer it.


This page was last reviewed in June 2013