Travel and Concession Cards

Can I get free travel?

For children

Children under the age of 4 travel for free.

For students

Victoria does not have a system of free travel for students.

What tickets do I need to get for school and non school travel?

Students can use their concession cards for travel for school and non school purposes to get discounted fares, see below.

When can I get a concession card?

A Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card (VPT Concession Card) gives concession prices for travel on buses, trains and trams in Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria. To obtain a VPT Concession Card, you must be a student and must fulfil the following eligibility criteria.

All students must be:

·  attending a normal course of full-time study at a School/College/Institution, registered with the Victorian Department of Education and Training as shown in the Victorian Public Transport Approved Schools and Approved Courses in Tertiary Institutions Register, and

·  a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or a student with refugee status, a student studying as part of an approved overseas exchange program (proof required) or a student with an Australian Development Scholarship (proof required).

Students are NOT eligible to obtain a VPT Concession Card if they are:

·  enrolled in a Masters, Doctorate or other postgraduate courses,

·  overseas full-fee paying students (primary, secondary, tertiary),

·  enrolled in a tertiary course which is less than ten weeks duration, or

·  enrolled in an apprenticeship course.

Concession Card Application Forms are available from Premium Stations, the MetShop located at Melbourne Town Hall (located on the corner of Swanston and Little Collins Street), selected bus depots, your school/university administration office, or online at

Application forms are not available from tram depots.

Primary students (code P)

This card is available to full-time Victorian primary school students.

Secondary students (code S)

This card is available to full-time Victorian secondary school students who are undertaking an approved full time course.

Tertiary students (code T)

This card is available to full-time Victorian tertiary students who attend a college or university and are undertaking an approved full time course.

Victorian Tertiary Student Concession Cards are available for a half year or full year. Students enrolled in courses of between 10 and 20 weeks can only obtain a half-yearly card. Concession cards are not issued for courses of less than 10 weeks’ duration.

When can I use my travel/concession card?

Concession cards can be used on the following services:

·  Metropolitan services.

·  V/Line ticketed services (including V/Line Link services and interstate services).

See to find regional cities where urban bus services can be used. 


Concessions may not apply to CountryLink, Great Southern Railway, airport services, tourist railways, privately run bus services and chartered trains, trams and buses. Please check with the relevant operator before booking or travelling.

Concession cards are not transferable and must be carried at all times when travelling. They are not valid if they have been tampered with or damaged.

A seat may be reserved on V/Line reserved services for infants free of charge.

What will happen if I travel without my travel/concession card?

A VPT Student Concession Card must be carried at all times when travelling with a concession ticket or Half-Yearly or Yearly Metropolitan Student Passes or Regional Student Transit Passes. Both cards must be produced when requested by a Public Transport Authorised Officer. If you don’t carry both cards with you when travelling, you risk a fine.

An Authorised Officer has authority to:

·  Ask for your name and address and identity card.

·  Arrest you until your identity is confirmed or until police arrive if you refuse to comply.

·  Confiscate your ticket as evidence if they believe you have committed an offence.

Authorised Officers cannot search bags or belongings.  They must show their badge when checking tickets, and must show their identity card to customers if requested.

If you receive a fine (infringement notice) you can:

·  Pay the fine.  If you can’t pay by the due date you can ask for an extension.

·  Appeal against paying the fine.  If you are caught travelling without your student concession card, you will be sent an infringement notice. 

·  If this is your first infringement, and you can provide the Public Transport Division's Transport Infringement Administration area with a photocopy of the front and back of your concession card, the infringement will be cancelled.  This opportunity is for a first offence only. Any subsequent offences will result in a penalty.

·  Go to court.  Fill in and send the form at the end of the infringement notice.  You will then be summonsed to court.

Making Complaints

In order to make a complaint, call:

·  Yarra Trams phone: 1800 800 166,

·  Connex phone:  1800 800 705 or

·  Metlink phone:  131 638.

You can also contact an Ombudsman, Youth Worker or Youth Lawyer.

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