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Travel and Concession Cards




Can I get free travel?

No, you can’t get free travel in Victoria unless you’re under 3 (which if you’re reading this, you’re probably not!). But children at school and young people at university can get discounted fares (called concession fares).

Concessions may not apply to CountryLink, Great Southern Railway, airport services, tourist railways, privately run bus services and chartered trains, trams and buses. It’s a good idea to check with the relevant operator before booking or travelling if you want to use a concession ticket

Do I need to carry a concession card with me?

If you’re under 17, you don’t need a concession card to buy a concession ticket, unless you also use or want a student pass. If you’re under 17 but you want a student pass, you need to apply for a VPT Concession Card and carry it with you at all times.

If you’re over 17, you need to make sure you have a concession card with you. It’s OK if you only have an electronic copy of the card. 

IMPORTANT: Your school ID is NOT a valid concession card!

What’s a student pass?

A student pass is a discounted pass for primary, high school and TAFE students. It gives you unlimited travel on metropolitan trains, trams a buses, on all regional town bus services and all V/Line train and coach services operating wholly within Victoria.

If you live outside of the city, you can get a regional transit Student Pass, which gives you unlimited travel on all buses within the transit bus system and limited V/Line train services.

To get a student pass, you need to be a full-time primary, high school or TAFE student, and be an Australian citizen/permanent resident, or have refugee.  

As at January 2015, the Student Pass costs $525 for a year, and $274 for half a year.  It may cost more when you read this page.  To find out the current amount, check the most recent application form here.


How can I apply for a student pass?

To apply for a student pass, you need to fill in this form.


You can lodge your application at:

  • PTV Hub at 750 Collins Street: Applications are accepted Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm.
  • Premium Stations: Applications are accepted Monday - Friday after 9.30am. Some stations may be unable to process applications between 3.30pm - 6.00pm on weekdays. Also accepted all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • Staffed V/Line stations and V/Line ticket agents: Call 1800 800 007 (6am - midnight daily) for locations and operating hours.

I go to university – can I get concession fares?

Yes, if you study full time and attend an approved undergraduate course.  You can find a list of approved courses here. You’ll need to apply for a Victoria Public Transport Concession Card and carry your concession card on you at all times!

Your university ID card is not a valid concession card!

You can’t get a VPT Concession Card if you’re:

  • studying part time; 
  • enrolled in a masters, doctorate, or other postgraduate course;
  • an overseas full-fee paying student;
  • enrolled in a tertiary course which is less than 10 weeks duration;
  • enrolled in an apprenticeship course;
  • enrolled in an off-campus course (e.g. online).

If you’re enrolled in a course between 10 and 20 weeks, you can only get a card for half the year.  You can’t get a card at all if your course is less than 10 weeks long.   


How can I apply for a Concession Card?

To apply for a concession card, you need to fill in this form.


What happens if I travel on a concession ticket without my concession card?

If you’re over 17 (or under 17 and have a student pass), you need to have your concession card on your at all times.  If you don’t have your concession card, you can be fined up to $75 if you’re under 18.  If you’re over 18, you can pay $75 on the spot or $217 if you don’t pay on the spot and you receive a fine. 

If you receive a fine, you can:

  • Pay the fine.  If you can’t pay by the due date you can ask for an extension.
  • Appeal against paying the fine by asking for a review.  You can lodge a review by filling in this form.
  • If this is your first infringement and you go to primary school or high school,  you can get the fine cancelled as a one-off thing by sending a photocopy of the front and back of your concession card to Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure GPO Box 2797 Melbourne VIC 3001. 
  • Go to court. Fill in and send the form at the end of the infringement notice. You will then be given a court date and a time to go to court.

This page was last updated 16 April 2015.

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