Fake Identification Cards


VIC: What if I use a fake ID?


What is a fake ID?

In Victoria, you can prove your age using:

  • a driver's licence; or
  • a passport; or
  • a proof of age card.

You are using a ‘fake ID’ when your ID:

  • has been made illegally;
  • has been scratched or altered in any way (like to make you seem older);
  • doesn’t actually belong to you (like a friend’s or brother’s ID).


Are they illegal?

It is against the law to:

  • let someone else use your ID;
  • make a fake ID;
  • lie or give false information to get an ID.

If you try to use a fake ID, the police or a staff member can usually confiscate it (see below).


What if I use a fake ID?

If you use a fake ID to try and enter a pub, club or bar, it can be confiscated by the police.  Staff members can also confiscate a fake ID unless it is a driver licence (but even if they confiscate a driver licence there will usually be nothing you can do about it).

The person who confiscates your ID is required to give it to the police, and the police may decide to investigate.  If the ID is fake, it will either be destroyed, or returned to the issuer, who may keep it in their records about you.  If it is not fake, it must be returned to you within 28 days.

You can’t be fined or punished just for using a fake ID, but you may be breaking other laws – like by trying to buy alcohol underage, or being in an area restricted to adults (see our Alcohol page).


What if someone else uses my ID?

It is against the law to let someone else use your ID by pretending it belongs to them.  If that person gets caught, the police may ask both of you how that person got hold of your ID.

If the police find out that you gave your ID to someone else and you knew they were going to pretend it was theirs, you may:

  • be given a warning or caution by the police; or
  • be fined $244 on the spot by the police; or
  • be fined up to $2,443 if the matter goes to court and you are convicted.


What if I make a fake ID?

Making an ID includes scratching, changing or forging an ID, and is against the law.  The possible penalties are the same as for lending your ID to someone (above).  As long as you haven’t been caught doing the same thing before, and you aren’t making and selling fake IDs, you will probably be cautioned or fined $244 by the police.

Adults who get caught forging driver licenses can even be sent to prison for 2 months if convicted by a court.


What if I lie to get ID?

Giving fake information to get your ID (like using fake documents or lying to Vic Roads) is illegal. You could be fined $244 by the police, or up to $1,221.40 if convicted by a court.



**The content on this page was last updated on 28 August 2012