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Types of phone plans

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Once you have worked out how much you are probably going to spend on calls, text and data, you can match these amounts to the phone plans on offer by each company.

There are 6 different types of plans to choose from:



1. Use a phone that you already have with a pre-paid plan

- these are the cheapest plans available and will help you to avoid bill shock

2. Buy a phone outright with a pre-paid plan

- Buying a phone 'outright' (all in one go) can be a big cost and so it's important that you have money left over for your phone credit on your plan. Once you've paid for the phone, it's easy to keep your spending under control.

3.  Buy a package that includes a prepaid plan and a mobile phone

- With this option, you can get a new mobile phone (paid for upfront as part of the package) if you don't already have a phone. BUT, you may be locked to the phone network for 1-2 years. If you need to use a different phone network, you may need to pay to have your phone unlocked. 


4. Use a phone that you already have with a post-paid plan

- This is usually the cheapest option for a post-paid plan. However, if you don't watch what you use, you could overspend.

5. Buy a phone outright with a post-paid plan

- you should only consider this option if you know you can afford to pay for a new phone all in one go AND you will have enough money to pay for your minimum monthly spend every month until your contract finishes.

6. Buy a package that includes a post-paid plan and phone 

- You don't have to pay until you get your first bill BUT you will be paying for the phone over the length of your contract as well as the cost of the services included in your plan, every month. If you choose this option, you will need to commit to paying that minimum amount every month until your contract is over.

There’s also a great online activity by ASIC that can help you decide what kind of plan is best for you at


Last reviewed June 2013.