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How do I work how much I should spend?

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If it’s your first time buying a mobile phone plan...

It might be a good idea to start with a prepaid plan so you can work out how much you will use in a month without being locked into a contract or overspending.


If you’ve had a mobile phone plan before...

  • Did you spend more than your monthly allowance? How often and why?
    • If you overspent it is a good idea to understand why and how you can stop it from happening again. You can do this by learning how to read your bill, learning about what to look out for, how much things cost (e.g. how much data does a 5minute YouTube video use?) and by checking out tools to help you monitor your usage.
    • If you overspent because your plan didn’t include enough value for calls, text or data, you could look for a plan that includes more of what you need.
  • How much did you spend on your old plan?
    • To give you an idea of how much you might spend, you can ask your phone company for your past bills, even if you are no longer with that phone company:
      • Your phone company has to give you a way of seeing billing information from the last two years for free. If you would like billing information from more than two years ago, they may charge you a fee.

Checklist for choosing a plan!

  1. Figure out how much you’ll probably use every month
  2. Decide how much can you afford to pay each month
  3. Compare your findings with the plans on offer



 Last updated June 2013