Travel and Concession Cards

Can I get free travel?

For young children

Children under the age of five travel for free at all times

For students

South Australia does not have a system of free travel for students.

When can I get a concession card?

An ID card is required if you are a student under 15 years.

A concession card is usually issued by the school at the request of the student. 

If you are a Secondary Students over 15 years of age, you must carry a photographic Full Time Secondary School card or you will be required to pay full price.

Two types of cards will be recognised by the Adelaide Metro for concession travel:

1.  a fully laminated photographic ID card (can be a full time student school card);

2.  a plastic credit-card style photographic ID card issued by the Tertiary Institution with either a silver hologram Public Transport Division sticker or an expiry date printed on a Purple coloured card.

The expiry date is printed on the bottom right hand corner of the card.

Part-time student cards do not receive the same benefits.

Students who carry one of the following cards automatically get concession fare on Bus SA buses:

What tickets do I need to get for school and non school travel?

You are free to use your concession cards for travel both for school and non school purposes to get discounted fares.

What will happen if I travel without my travel/concession card?

·  If you a student aged 15 and over, you must carry and show ID cards when requested. These cards must be carried at all times when travelling, including evenings and weekends.

·  If you fail to produce a valid ID card when requested by an authorised person, you may be fined or charged regular fare price. 

·  Children under the age of 15 may be asked to produce proof of age. If you cannot produce proof of age, you may have to pay a regular fare ticket.

What are my responsibilities in obtaining a travel/concession card?

·  There are some general responsibilities that you must comply with as a passenger on SA public transport, these include:Keep your bags and bodies out of people's way.

·  Avoid loud voices, loud music and loud language as they may offend some people - the ride home might be the only quiet time in their day!

·  Keep it smoke free - it's heaps healthier.

·  Remember to put your Litter & food scraps in a bin... not on public transport.

·  Don’t consumer alcohol and non-prescription illegal drugs on public transport.

·  Some people may have difficulties standing on the bus, especially if they are elderly, pregnant, have a disability or are injured - give them a seat and they'll really appreciate it!

·  Do the right thing and you'll avoid the hassles from school, home and the law.

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