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What age can I start work?

When can I start work in Queensland?

What hours can I work?

When can I work full-time?

When can I start work in Queensland?

In Queensland, you usually need to be 13 years old to get a job. If you work in a family business, you can start at any age (for example in the corner store).   

If you are 11 or older, you can do deliver newspapers or advertising leaflets. But if you’re 11 or 12 you can’t do delivery work after 6pm or before 6am.

If you’re under 16, you need your parent’s permission to get a job.   

Your parents will need to fill out the Parent Consent Form.:


What hours can I work?

It is against the law for an employer to get you to work you during the time you’re meant to be at school.  

There are also other limits on the hours you can work:

If you’re under 16 and don’t work for a family business or in the entertainment industry, you can’t work:

  • after 10 or before 6am
  • more than 12 hours during a school week or more than 38 hours if it’s not a school week (like school holidays)
  • more than 4 hours on a school day or more than 8 hours on any other day (like the weekends
  •  more than 4 hours without a break for 1 hour at the end of the fourth hour
  •  more than 1 shift within 12 hours (for example, you can’t end at 8pm and start at 7am)
  • more than 1 shift per day (for example you can’t have a shift from 9am-1pm and then 4pm-7pm)

Some of these rules don’t apply if your job is covered by an Award or Enterprise Agreement. 

An Award or Agreement a document that explains your working conditions. People who work in Retail or in fast food are often covered by an award, so they should look at first if they want to find out what their work conditions are.  

If you are under 6 years and 6 months old (which you’re probably not if you’re reading this), there are different and much smaller hours that you are allowed to work.  

If you or your parents want to know about these, please send us a Lawmail.


When can I work full-time?

To find this out, check out our page on When can I leave school.

This page was last updated 26 June 2015.

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