Travel and Concession Cards

Can I get free travel?

For young children

Children under 5 years of age can travel for free.

For students

The Northern Territory Government provides free bus travel for all students from primary school through to University. The offer runs for 7 days a week on all services on the Territory’s school and public bus network.

What do I need to get this free travel offer?

·  Primary school students and students wearing school uniform do not have to provide ID.

·  Middle school students should show their Student ID to the driver, if they have one.

·  Senior school students must show their Student ID to the driver.

·  University, TAFE and VET students (part-time or full-time) must also show their Student ID to the driver.

International Student Cards are not accepted.

What tickets do I need to get for school and non school travel?

You won’t t need to purchase a ticket to travel on the public bus network but Middle School (if available), Senior School, University, TAFE and VET students must present their Student ID to the driver.

What will happen if I travel without my Student ID card?

For the first six weeks of the school year, you are able to board the school and public bus network for free.

If after the first 6 weeks of the school year, senior school or University students are still unable to produce their Student ID, they will be charged the full adult fare. However, if you are a primary and middle school student, you will still travel for free.

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What are my responsibilities in travelling on the school bus network?

There is a code of behaviour that you must follow when travelling on the school bus network. For a full list, see

For most students, the code does not change in your current behaviour. The code requires you to respect other people and their properties, to wait for the bus in an orderly manner, and to conduct yourself sensibly  while on the bus. 

 If you do not comply with the Code, depending on the seriousness of your misbehaviour, you may be given caution or banned from travelling on the school buses again. Your punishment will depend on:

·  the threat to the safety of other passengers on the bus and the nature of the incident;

·  the seriousness of your misbehaviour;

·  your age; and

·  whether it was your first offence or one which you have been cautioned before.

If you are banned from travelling on school buses,  your parents and your school will be informed. Both of them will participate in deciding how long the ban should last for.

What if I want to make a complaint?

Complaints can be made via a feedback form available from staff at suburban bus interchanges or visit,

Phone:  08 8924 7666

Fax:   08 8924 7841

Postal Address:  GPO Box 2520
Darwin, NT 0801

You can also contact an Ombudsman, a Youth Worker or Youth Lawyer.

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