What is bullying?

Bullying at school is when another person, or group of people, behaves in a way that is cruel or hurtful to you. This includes someone being physically violent, making threats or harassing you. Harassment means ongoing verbal or physical attacks against you.
Bullying includes things like:

  • teasing
  • calling you names
  • saying things to put you down or make fun of or humiliate you
  • unwanted touching or kissing
  • excluding you from groups or activities
  • making nasty comments because of your race or your sex or your sexuality
  • pushing or hitting you or being violent in some other way
  • making threats, obscene gestures or saying things that make you or others scared
  • forcing you to do silly or dangerous things
  • damaging, hiding or breaking your things
  • demanding money or food or other items
  • belittling your abilities and achievements
  • writing mean or spiteful notes or graffiti about you or others
  • making fun of how you look
Bullying can happen in the playground, in the toilets, going to and from school or in the classroom.

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