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What age can I start work?

When can I start work in NSW?

What hours can I work?

When can I work full time?

When can I start work in NSW?

There’s no minimum age to do part time or casual work in NSW.  The one exception to this is door to door sales, where you need to be at least 14 and 9 months.  


What hours can I work?

If you’re under 15, you can’t work during school hours.    You also can’t work:

  • more than one shift per day
  • more than four hours on a school day
  • more than five hours a day
  • after 9pm if you have school the next day
  • if on three days in a row, you have school the next day, you can’t work past 8pm
  • if it’s less than 12 hours since your last shift
  • if you work and go to school for more than 50 hours in a 7 day week
  • if your boss doesn’t have an authority to employ people under  15, they can’t get you to work than 10 hours a week)  

There are extra rules about working hours if you are doing door-to-door sales, modelling, theatrical performances or entertainment work.  

Please send us a Lawmail if you have a question about these areas.

You’re entitled to a 10 minute rest break every hour, and a 1 hour rest break every 4 hours.  

There are a number of restrictions if you work in the entertainment industry or are wanting to work in door-to-door sales. 

If you need any information on this, please send us a Lawmail.

When can I work full time?

Check out our page on “When can I leave school” for this answer.

This page was last updated 26 June 2015.

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