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Here you’ll find links to information, tips and people or organisations to contact if you need help. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for in just a few clicks.

      • Know your legal rights
      • Mobile services to watch out for
      • Check your coverage
      • Compare phone plans
      • Alerts and info you should receive
      • Dealing with your bill
      • Problems with your mobile phone
      • Problems with your service
      • Dealing with bill-shock
      • Dealing with debt
      • Making a complaint


      Before you sign up or buy

      If you’re about to go shopping for a new mobile or plan, prepare before you shop by learning about your consumer rights and mobile services you should be careful about using.

      Know your legal rights

      • Checkout’s TV episode about mobile phone rights
      • ACCAN's info about your rights

      Mobile services to watch out for

      See our page on Mobile Services to Watch Out For

      Shopping for a mobile phone or plan?

      Are you looking for a new mobile phone? Here are some useful links to check your coverage and compare different mobile phone plans. 

      Check your coverage

      Compare mobile phone plans

      • Tips for buying a mobile by ASIC
      •  ASIC’s Mobile Savvy animations – a great resource for 10-13 year olds

      After you’ve signed up or bought a mobile

      Here are some useful links to help you deal with your bill, avoid bill-shock and debt and learn about the alerts and info your phone company must give you.

      Alerts and info you will receive

      See our page on Alerts and Info You Can Expect from your Phone Company

      Dealing with your bill

      See our page on Dealing with Your Bill

      Learn how to avoid bill shock and understand billing and usage alerts with ACCAN’s Phone App

      If something goes wrong

      If something has gone wrong, you’re not alone. Find out what to do and where you can get help if you’re bill shocked, in debt, if you’d like to make a complaint, if you need advice about money or if you have a problem with your service.

      Problems with your mobile phone

      • NSW Fair Trading’s info about what to do when something goes wrong with your mobile
      • You can set reminders for your warranties by downloading ACCC’s phone app
      • ACCC’s info on getting a repair, replacement or refund   

      Problems with your service

      Making a complaint

      • ACCAN’s Info on making a complaint
      • The ORS ACT’s checklist for making a complaint
      • Click here to make a complaint
      Dealing with Bill-shock
      • ACCAN’s info on dealing with bill-shock
      • ACMA’s tips to avoid bill-shock on 4G phones


      Dealing with debt

      • ACCAN’s tips if you can’t afford to pay
      • ASIC’s info about debt collectors
      • CCLS NSW’s info about debt collectors


      Financial Counselling

      Suggestions for free financial counselling

      Care Inc. Financial Counselling Service and Consumer Law Centre

      Dealing with a legal problem

      If you need legal advice you can contact the ACT Consumer Law Centre on (02) 6257 1788.


      Last reviewed June 2013.


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