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National Health Services Directory

This is a national directory to find contact information about health services.

Healthy Kids

This website provides information about healthy eating habits and staying active for young adults. It also addresses the importance of choosing water over fruit drinks or other beverages.


ReachOut provides support and resources for young people going through tough times related to mental health and suicide issues, as well as information for their friends and families, and professionals.


This website provides young people with information about mental health. It has facts about mental illnesses and disorders such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc., as well as information about drug and alcohol use. It provides information about suicide prevention and what to do if you or a friend is feeling suicidal. It also has an online helpline to ask more specific questions about mental illnesses and related topics.

Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline is a free, private and confidential, telephone and online counselling service specifically for young adults between the ages of 5-25. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss any issue you may have and no issue is too small. Visit the website for some useful information about peer pressure, coping with break-ups, loneliness, family relationship, young carers and partying safely.


Headspace is the national youth mental health foundation that helps young people who are going through a tough time. If you're 12-25 years of age and looking for someone to talk to, whether it be about mental health or general health, you can visit one of the headspace centres near you.

For state and territory based organisations, click on your state or territory below: 

New South Wales

The UpZone Youth Health Centre

The UpZone Youth Health Centre is a free and confidential health centre located in Hurstville, for people under the age of 25. They provide health care that includes general health clinics, sexual health clinics, cannabis clinics, and psychologist/counsellor appointments.

NSW Local Health Districts

This webpage provides contact information for health services for each district in New South Wales. It also provides information on the services they provides and ratings from previous patients.

NSW Find Your Health Service

This is a directory for finding health services, including pharmacies, in New South Wales. It asks you to enter in basic information, and then provides you with contact details for the services you requested. There is also an option to download a full list of health services.


Orygen Youth Health

Orygen Youth Health is a mental health organisation in Melbourne that provides comprehensive clinical services to young adults, ages 15-25, with serious mental health disorders such as depression or psychosis. This webpage can provide you with information about mental health, psychosis and overall well-being.

Eating Disorders Victoria

This webpage provides detailed information about eating disorders including warning signs and symptoms, risk factors and treatment. The webpage also provides an eating disorders helpline and offers help through email communication as well. Eating Disorders Victoria offers support groups in Victoria to those who suffer from an eating disorder, as well as separate support groups for friends and family members of someone with an eating disorder. To attend support groups, they greatly appreciate if you pay a $3 fee, however it is not required.

Victoria Community Health Directory

This webpage is a directory for information regarding health services in Victoria. They allow you to enter in your street, suburb, postcode and organisation or service type, then provide you with contact details for the health services in that area.


Family Planning Queensland

This website covers issues on menstruation, pregnancy, contraception, sexual assault, sexually transmitted diseases and others.

Women's Health Queensland Wide

This website provides extensive information about women’s health including information on menstruation, pregnancy, parenting, anxiety, body issues, puberty, cancer and many other topics. They also have a free telephone information service for Queensland women, which is staffed by nurses and midwives.

South Australia

Children and Youth Health, South Australia

An all-rounded coverage on issues concerning your health, including drugs & alcohol, relationships, healthy body, healthy mind, sexual health and many other aspects like child abuse, rape, unemployment, etc.

South Australia Health Services Directory

This webpage is a directory for health services in South Australia. You can enter in keywords, services, location or health professionals and it will provide you with contact and general information about the services you requested.

Western Australia

Youth Link

Youth link is a state-wide mental health program managed through the North Metropolitan Area Mental Health Service. They provide mental health counselling, consultation, training and community development in Western Australia, with both individual and group therapy. 

FPWA Sexual Health Services 

This webpage provides services relating to sexual and reproductive health in Western Australia. They offer a sexual health helpline. They also provide sexual health care for an annual rate of $15 for anyone under the age of 18. This fee entitles you to unlimited clinic visits for 12 months, which includes sexually transmissible infections testing and treatment, pap smears, contraceptives consultation, abortion information and referral, and unplanned pregnancy information. They also have condoms and lubricants available over the counter at low prices, and contraceptives available at reasonable rates after your consultation.

Northern Territory

Family Planning Welfare Association of NT inc

This webpage provides information about sexual health including information on contraceptives for both men and women, condoms, pregnancy and family planning, breast awareness, sexually transmitted infections and more. They have a variety of different clinics in the northern territory which provide sexual health services at low rates. Free condoms are also available at all clinics.

Northern Territory Department of Health Service Locator

This government webpage provides a list of services for you to pick from, and then provides contact information about those services for the Northern Territory.


The Link Youth Health Service

This webpage provides information about the Link Youth Health Service, which offers free, confidential health services to young adults (ages 12-25) and also has a free hotline. The Link Youth Health Service provides young adults with an Open Access Area, which has a washing machine and dryer, shower, toilet, access to hygiene items and condoms, and allows you to get your mail sent to the location, all free of charge. There is a Youth Health Fund to help young adults cover costs for short term one-off health emergencies, when alternate funds are not available. They also have a Level Up program for young adults who are looking to make positive changes in relation to their alcohol, tobacco or other drug use.

Tasmania Department of Health and Human Services Directory

This government website provides contact information for health services in Tasmania. They ask you to pick from a list of services and select an area of Tasmania where you want to find those services, and then they provide you with the contact information for those types of services in the area of your choice.

Australian Capital Territory

Reality Check

This website provides information about mental health as well as resources for finding help in Canberra.

Find a Health Service

This government webpage is a directory for finding health services in the Capital Territory. They allow you to either enter in suburb, keyword or services you are requesting or you can pick from a list of services, and then they provide contact details and basic information about your service options.


This page was last reviewed on 3 February 2014


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